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GUEST POST | Local Toronto Home Decor Company Adds a Flare to My Home Decor

This is a guest post by Christina Cordiano. You can read her full blog here.


I am a firm believer in supporting local companies and small businesses. Patriotism and pride for my nation, the City of Toronto and the economy are included within the list of my priorities. I like knowing where my products are coming from and how they are made. I also like getting the most for my money, but really who doesn't !? 

 In addition, I have an affixation with decor and interior design. I think if you are into fashion, you also have an interest with interior design. The passion and fascination with textiles, colour, design and functionality are aspects that intersect with both. Therefore, when Cushello asked to work together and if they could send me some of their products, I could not resist.  



Cushello, is a decor company which designs throw pillows. They design the throw cushions, the inserts, as well as  some throw blankets. The company's products are all designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada. Cushello's products are marketed to appeal to all consumers, with a wide variety of collections to choose from. The company was  founded by Shaun, Shane & Alex who noticed that the interior design market was lacking in quality goods for a small price tag. 

 After, considering their background story and having the throw cushions for a while now,  I feel as if I can give and honest and authentic review. 

 I choose the Woven insert with a feathered pillow. I have to say the very Canadian design is perfect for me. 

 In my opinion, I think that the company is well worth a consideration to updating your current  decor accessories.


1.  Price 

 First off, if you are basing you consideration to update your decor accessories just on price, then you should be check out Cushello ! The price points are FANTASTIC! I am shocked at how products that are made locally and with such quality are within such an affordable price point. Living in such and expensive city such as Toronto and the lifestyle that comes along with the city life can be really outrageous. This company gives me the opportunity to furnish my place with accessories for great prices and I can even change up my colour palette every few seasons. 

 School season is also around the corner. For those new college students,  furnishing their dorm rooms, the price points along with designs are great additions to your decor! 

 And ..... If the low price points are not enough of a deal for you, they also offer free shipping on purchases over $25



2.  Quality 

  As stated previously the quality is a plus for this company. The texture of the fabric of the inserts are strong, well manufactured and seem as though they will last the test of time.

 Second, the pieces are all luxurious looking and add dimension and texture to any room or piece of furniture. Whether you place these on your living room sofa or bed they will bring a creative touch to anyone of your rooms. Luxrious looking designs and materials such as faux fur, tweed, wool and silk. There is even an artistic range full of wild colours for those with bold tastes. 

 Functionality and comfort add to the quality of the shames as well as the inserts. There are two types of choices for inserts that add to the functionality and comfort of pillows. After all comfort and softness are what are most important when it comes to Pillows. 



 3.  Functionality & Comfort 

 Of course the look of throw cushions are important for the overall aesthetic of your home, but what about the comfort. This aspect is very important. It is a pillow after all. 

 Let me tell you,  these inserts are extremely soft and comfortable. They are firm so they hold their shape and are fluffy so they are great for lounging. 


4. Great service & Easy Transactions 

 There is nothing more important then having a completely satisfying shopping experience. I like knowing that I spent my money on a company that is grateful for my purchase and that values their customers. 

 The customer service of Cushello was outstanding. The staff was kind and extremely accommodating. The website was easy to navigate & in addition to the affordable prices the shipping was free for any purchase over $50. 



Cushello is definitely a site that is worth considering if you want to save some money for your decor.  School dorm rooms and new apartments for those moving for the first time, this is a good option for you to add flare to your decor while staying within budget. 

 Hope this helps to create your more interior design shopping options for you. 

 Happy Shopping ! 



A thank you to Cushello for this opportunity! 


Go check out their website & Instagram. 

 Outfit Details: 

  • White Eyelet off the shoulder top: Brandy Melville 
  •  Black Distressed Shorts: Urban Outfitters 
  •  Chain Necklace: HRH Collections 


This blog originally appeared on Christina's blog here. 


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